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Public Speaking Training Programs

public speaking training
Whether your presentations are before the board, colleagues, or the general public, our public speaking training will make you a more dynamic, confident and effective presenter. You will learn how to organize and structure your presentation, how to capture and hold the audience’s attention, and how to enhance your presentation with greater speech dynamics. You will learn how to reinforce your main points, how to effectively handle even the toughest Q&A and turn negative questions into positive points. You will also learn how to effectively use visual aids such as Power Point as a message reinforcement (and not as a backwards-facing Teleprompter). You will also learn techniques to overcome stage fright and channel nervous habits into positive energy to become a more powerful and confident presenter.

Public Speaking Training / Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills and Speech Dynamics Training focuses on briefings, speeches, and other live presentations and includes message design, speech organization, story and structure, and creating an attention-getting intro and a powerful close. In our public speaking trainingĀ  you will learn how to reinforce your message, how to establish instant speaker credibility, and how to maintain a high level of audience interest throughout your presentation. We assess your speaking style, including strengths and weaknesses and work with you individually to develop your own style that will empower you with greater speech dynamics, confidence and poise.

Speech Dynamics

AudienceApplaudOur Speech Dynamics Training focuses on how to make your presentations more dynamic with proper use of voice & speech. This part of our training incorporates posture & breath support, projection, and “in the mask” voice placement, as well as how to avoid and overcome voice strain. Speech training includes rate, pronunciation, articulation & enunciation, pauses & inflection, word choice, gestures and animation, and how to “color” your speech and make your words memorable.

Overcoming Stage Fright & Other Nervous Habits

Whether your presentation is before staff or the public, you must be able to overcome the biggest stumbling block to success – the fear of public speaking. We teach you the techniques to overcome this “learned” fear and channel stage fright and other nervous habits into positive energy for more dynamic, effective, and confident presentations.


Presentations are video-taped and then critiqued with positive reinforcement. PowerPoints are assessed with suggestion on how to make them more compelling and effectively reinforce your message. A final impromptu presentation demonstrates skills learned in the workshop and instills new-found confidence levels.

Public Speaking Training Based on Experience

Michael Drake has given presentations before groups ranging from 20 to 2500. He has many years of formal training in voice and speech, and has worked as a professional narrator and television news anchor. He has helped hundreds of individuals improve their presentation skills, overcome stage fright and become more effective and dynamic public speakers.

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